Hand Dryer Replacement Service

Always Available & Affordable

As part of our servies, we are offering a Hand Dryer replacement service. If your business has a old hand dryer which is not working properly 

and not as efficient as is should we can can replace it for you without any hassel and direct cash payout.  

There are many reasons why we think you would be interested in our recommended of the Hi-Speed hand dryer for your commercial lavatory needs.  For example the Hi-Speed hand dryer is

Hygienic: The filter used on our hand dryers is the HEPA 15 which offers the highest standard of hygiene available. Effectively the filter ensures that the high pressure air is clean and drying hands free of germs.

Quick: Our Hi Speed  Hand Dryers are a pioneering eco hand dryer that dynamically uses a tornado of fast flowing air to blast wet hands dry in only 10 -15 seconds and due to advanced air flow technology, is one of the quietest in its class only producing 75 dB of noise. This hand dryer is made from top grade Stainless Steel and is the ultimate ultra-fast wall hand drying unit on the market today.  Our Hi Speed  Hand Dryers uses quality components for effortless use and reliability and is not to be confused with less reliable copies on sale elsewhere.  

Our Hi Speed  Hand Dryers uses top grade Stainless Steel, is quieter and more economic to run. Recent major advances in hand dryer technology have given 

much more emphasis on high velocity air flow, minimising hand drying times and massively lowering energy consumption. This combination of benefits reduces the running costs by so much that in most normal circumstances the units will pay for themselves in under 1 year – now that’s incredible!

Low Cost Maintenance: Due to the few moving parts built into our hand drying machines our hand dryers are service friendly and are unlikely to require extensive maintenance. Should you require components there is a full UK service support available.

Guarantee: You will receive a 5 year guarantee on your parts of 350,000 dries along with a 2 year free service repair.

Energy saving: Our machines use a low amount of energy, saving you money at up to 80% less charge than other hand drying systems.  The automatic detection provided by the infrared technology means the hand drying system is not operating when it’s not required, again, saving you electricity and money.

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage – 220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 KW
Warm Air Speed Output – 100 m/S
Motor Type – 950W, Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings
Motor Overload protection – Motor assembly designed with over current fuse, replaceable.
Heater Element – 450W
Heater Thermal Protection – Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 85°C {185°F};
Thermal fuse cut unit off at 150°C {288F}
Drying Time –  8 – 10 seconds drying time
Circuit Operation – Infrared Automatic, self-adjusting
Timing Protection – 60 seconds auto shut off
Drip proof – IPX1
Isolation – CLASS 1
Net Weight –  4.5 kg [9.0 lbs]
Unit Size – 
288 mm W x 320 mm H x 171 mm D
Warranty –
3 Years Parts (1st Year Parts + Labour)