Rubbish Clearance

Always Available & Affordable

If you have extra garbage, garden or yard rubbish  and want to request a special clearance, we can provide this service. Our clearance team are (Licensed Waste Carrier) The cost of our Rubbish Clearance has a minimum fee of £75.00 with an hourly rate of £160.00.

Once the crew has completed the cleanup, they will report the time to the billing staff who will calculate the final fee.  Do NOT pay your hauler. It is not legal from them to accept any type of cash or gift from you.  

  1. You must complete a request for Special Clean Up form.
  2. The request must include a copy of the utility bill payer’s current Driver’s License or State issued ID.
  3. The form must include the name, address and phone number of the water bill payer for the service address requesting the clean up.
  4. The debris must be contained and be at the alley or curb line by 6:00 am on the requested date of the clean up.